Customer Centricity Consultants

Customer Centricity
is NOT a project

Customer Centricity
IS business



Some look at Customer Centricity as a corporate initiative limited in time and scope. Something you have to deal with in a way or another, with some kind of customer survey and some brainstorming sessions - whilst real life (“serious business”) happens in the field for sales and service.

Our client companies share Obvium’s belief that Customer Centricity is not a program to be run in parallel with business – that Customer Centricity is business.

Obvium supports multinational companies understanding, developing and implementing Customer Centricity in real life. We accompany organizations taking Customer Centricity to new levels in terms of value creation and corporate cultural change. Above all, we reconnect Customer Centricity enhancement with business development.



Customer Centricity is not
making customers “satisfied”.

The True Voice
of Customers

Most customer surveys 
do not
capture the true voice of customers.

From Data to

Surveying customers does not
generate transformation by itself.


Employee satisfaction and engagement
are not the same.

Customer Centricity
is NOT making
customers “satisfied”

Customer Centricity
is creating
an outstanding customer

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Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity has a direct impact on business performance. Customer Centricity generates superlative customer wallet allocation and word-of-mouth when managed with the same rigor as business.

But what is Customer Centricity? It is about customer experience. Superior Customer Centricity is about the level of relationship, support and services provided to the target market. In fact developing valuable, differentiated types of relationship and services for customers (C-Suite, decision-makers, influencers) has reached an unprecedented importance to reach superior market acceptance and profitability.

Goals and expertise

Companies call upon the expertise of Obvium to enhance Customer Centricity through superior customer experience, aiming at one or several of the following goals:

  • Strengthening market differentiation and maintaining leadership

  • Increasing sales and marketing excellence

  • Maximizing customer wallet allocation

  • Ensuring successful product launches and new market entries

  • Maximizing the profitability of established products and solutions.

To do this, Obvium brings in a unique know-how in terms of implementation of customer-centric change in real life, based on a proprietary methodology. 


We set the record straight on Customer Centricity

We generate the true of voice of target customers

We translate Customer Centricity insights into action

We enhance corporate cultures in terms of Customer Centricity

We develop Employee Engagement in practice


Most customer
Surveys do NOT
capture the true voice
of customers

How customer
centric are you
really in the eyes
of your customers?

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The True Voice of Customers

Customer satisfaction surveys are nothing new to you. You probably have been measuring customer satisfaction and your Net Promoter Score for years.

But do you know that many companies that measure customer satisfaction fail to capture the true of voice of their target customers? Or that they do not measure the Customer Centricity metrics that truly impact their business? (Hint: NPS alone is close to worthless).

Are your talking to the right stakeholders? Are you asking the right questions?
Is your customer satisfaction measurement solid enough and detailed enough? Are your reaching the right conclusions from your customer surveys? Are you aiming at the right goals business-wise?

Meaningful, Reliable Facts and Figures

At Obvium, our first mission is to ensure that you have all the facts and figures needed on your Customer Centricity performance, so you can reach meaningful conclusions, make strategic decisions, generate engagement and take impactful action plans.


We help companies audit and enhance their Customer Centricity measurement systems.

We organize and deliver the complementary qualitative/quantitative research, analysis and recommendations on Customer insights needed by our clients. In EMEA, North America and APAC. 


customers does NOT
generate transformation by itself

We translate insights into
organizational change

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From Data to Action

Companies often struggle in translating customer satisfaction surveys results into impactful action plans and cultural change.

At Obvium, our mission is also to help organizations translate customer insights into cultural change with a strong sense of urgency.


We help companies mobilizing associates, line management and senior management on Customer Centricity enhancement.

We create excitement and engagement through keynotes and workshops designed specifically for each organization.

We support the definition of concrete action plans with rapid impact on customer satisfaction through data-to-action workshops.

We coach management and field forces on how to develop stronger Customer Centricity on a daily basis.


Employee engagement
and satisfaction
are NOT the same

We help develop
employee engagement in real life

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Employee Engagement

Investing in Employee Engagement generates greater Customer Centricity, increases productivity and increases the retention rate of your best employees.

As with Customer Centricity, nothing new and measuring employee satisfaction is a growingly popular practice. But scores and benchmarks aren’t sufficient. The outcomes of these surveys are often disappointing. Companies have difficulty translating these insights into practical action plans that boost Employee Engagement.

To satisfy that need, Obvium has developed a specific methodology to enhance Employee Engagement in a practical manner. We not only measure it, we support senior management and line management in designing and implementing concrete and impactful action plans on Employee Engagement.