Here are some of the questions we are frequently asked. Important questions that should be given a more in-depth reply than we can provide on our website, and which we would like to discuss further with you:

What is the difference between CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and CDM (Customer Delight Management)?

CRM tools are truly remarkable, but their implementation cannot modify the culture of a company. Setting up a software package in a company without taking the necessary measures to make company culture progress and adapt is putting the cart before the horses. It is the best way of how not to secure a return on the big investments required to implement CRM.

Test: For 100 000 Euros invested in your CRM system, how much are you investing to make your business culture evolve towards your clients?

Why talk about Customer Delight and not customer satisfaction?

Our studies show that in most sectors of industry and services, mere client satisfaction no longer guarantees loyalty. Only a superior level of satisfaction ("highly satisfied" clients, "totally satisfied" clients) can result in differentiating a company on its market and generating strong client loyalty.

Test: The aim of your company is to satisfy clients or to delight them?

What is the difference between customer orientation and the Quality policies that have been applied for years?

Traditional Quality strategies applied since the 70s, and in particular, certification, enable companies to guarantee a constant level of quality for their products and services, thus avoiding customer dissatisfaction. But Quality guidelines in no way ensure company differentiation with regard to the market. They are useful, sometimes necessary, but certainly not enough to generate strong client loyalty which is the aim of customer oriented companies.

Test: Have you ever chosen a supplier simply because it is ISO certified?


The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI)
A complete barometer with detailed, regularly updated numerical data on the evolution of client satisfaction in the United States collected directly from clients by the University of Michigan and concerning most sectors of activity.

L'Institut Esprit Service - The Institut Esprit Service

Is a link for companies who wish to develop a service culture and stengthen their service image to add value to themselves and their environment. It was set up by the MEDEF Services Liaison Committee.

Cerveaux Sans Frontières

Cerveaux Sans Frontières is a think tank of professionals from different backgrounds, countries and activities. It dedicates its efforts to spread out creative and prospective thinking, to enhance brainpower and foster innovation. The group was created by Guy Lesoeurs, Certified Instructor in Lateral Thinking®.

P2P Consultants

P2P Consultants is a human-size strategy consulting group specializing in customer centered and services strategies. They coach management teams in developing and implementing those strategies.