How Obvium helps companies strengthen their customer orientation: Our methodology

The implementation of a customer orientation policy can only be a long-term approach. It implies a global evolution in the company's culture and way of thinking, as well as true commitment from all those involved. It is only by acting on all these factors that very high levels of client satisfaction and loyalty can be obtained. The company is then able to integrate the profitable cycle of customer orientation, and make it a permanent business process. We advise companies along each stage of the customer orientation process, in full collaboration with the management board and all levels of management involved. Our methodology is a step-by-step approach centered on our clients' specific needs, applicable to all industries, be it in B to B or B to C. It addresses the four pillars of customer orientation, divided into nine fields of intervention, and developed either successively or simultaneously.

The four pillars of customer orientation:

Customer satisfaction management as a support function

Excellence with regard to the customers' fundamental expectations

Designing and implementing customer-specific action plans

Development of new services

Obvium's four pillars of customer orientation: management of customer satisfaction, establishing customers' fundamental expectations, individual satisfaction planning, innovative services