What is customer orientation (Customer Delight Management)?

Customer orientation is a business strategy. It aims at reaching superior and sustainable profitability by delivering excellent customer relationship and services to company clients.

Customer orientation can also be quite simply described as the continuous cycle of satisfaction, differentiation, loyalty and profit.

Every day, we are all clients of multiple organizations. As clients, we decide whether to buy or not the products and services of those organizations. We also decide whether we spread the word about those organizations, in a positive or negative manner, based on our own experience.

Why does a client decide to buy and to continue to buy from a given company? Products are increasingly similar. Prices have been driven down. Discounts do not ensure client loyalty. Advertising has lost a lot of credibility as a communication medium.

Customer loyalty depends increasingly on the level of satisfaction which the client feels for the company he does business with.

Nowadays, reaching and maintaining excellent profitability implies delivering products and services that are truly differentiated in the eyes of the customers. From now on the most performing organizations are those who carefully select their clients, ensure their loyalty in terms of repeat purchases and bring their clients to generate positive word-of-mouth information about their purchasing or service experience.

A whole series of recent studies has proved the link between customer satisfaction, differentiation indices, profitability and company image. A positive effect on customer loyalty translates into an exponential rise in profitability.

Therefore ensuring excellent customer loyalty has become a key success factor for companies aiming at superior profitability.

Link between Customer Satisfaction(S)/ Customer Loyalty (L)/ Profitability (P)