Who are we?

Obvium is a consulting group specializing in the implementation of customer orientation strategies. We advise those companies for whom customer orientation is a strategic priority.

Our know-how and our passion:

To help companies:

- increase their clients' satisfaction
- increase their clients' loyalty by improving relationships and services
- differentiate themselves from their competitors in a durable manner on their markets


Obvium stems from the latin term Obvius, "going towards..."

Obvium aims at advising companies world wide. Our clients are in Princeton (New Jersey), San Antonio (Texas), Paris, Genoa, Roma, Barcelona or Frankfurt. Therefore we have chosen a name which is acceptable in practically all languages.

Obvium also suggests "obvious": one might think that focusing on customer satisfaction and loyalty would be obvious for companies, yet experience shows that despite all the speeches and good intentions on the topic, customer orientation is... anything but obvious for most companies.



Robert-Denis Moulloud

Obvium's founder, Robert-Denis Moulloud, graduated with an MBA from the University of Dallas. Prior to creating Obvium, he worked as service quality consultant with several European firms, in particular in the healthcare, transport and leisure industries. He then spent nine years as Vice-President for Global Customer Delight with Roche Diagnostics, a division of the Swiss company, F. Hoffmann La Roche, where he ran the Global Customer Delight Department, where his responsibilities included the design, coordination and audit of the company's customer orientation policies worldwide. As an expert in this field, he regularly gives talks in the US and in Europe on real-life implementation of customer orientation strategies.